Andrew Breton

Andrew Breton

Head of Quant Analytics and Research, Elsen

About Andrew

Andrew is Elsen’s resident expert in all things data and data technology. He takes his understanding of clients’ data needs and implements them into the platform, designs and approves the analytics in the engine, and trains users on advanced features.

Andrew developed his expertise in data at BlackRock Solutions, where he analyzed new clients’ portfolios for market risk and added a layer of human quality control on top of their analytics engine. He also implemented new clients’ portfolios and brought them into production on the risk analytics platform. After that, Andrew was a Senior Product Specialist at our company, where he worked with of the some of the best financial data in the market. His foundational knowledge allows the Elsen nPlatform to be ready for any problem.

Andrew’s favorite part of working at Elsen is the team’s tenacity and ability to solve every problem thrown their way. Outside of Elsen, Andrew is an avid political organizer around local elections and state legislation.

Andrew holds a BS in Financial Systems Engineering, magna cum laude from the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science and an M.A. in Applied Economics from Duke University.