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Russia 2018: XI reasons why Eikon Messenger is your first choice

Lesli Fairchild
Lesli Fairchild
Global Head of News, Refinitiv

Get the latest from the World Cup Russia 2018 when Global Sports Forum returns to Eikon Messenger from 7 June to 16 July. Here are 11 great reasons to join us. 

  1. From 7 June to 16 July, the Global Sports Forum (GSF) re-launches on Eikon Messenger to capture all the football action from Russia 2018.
  2. The GSF is moderated by leading Reuters sports journalists, and members can talk sport, network with special guests and join our quiz to win prizes daily.
  3. Access to the GSF is free and exclusive to financial industry professionals via Eikon Messenger, our secure and compliant collaboration tool.

Anticipation is mounting for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off on 14 June when hosts Russia play Saudi Arabia in the opening game.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a ticket for Russia 2018. We’ll take you there via the Global Sports Forum which re-launches on Eikon Messenger from 7 June to 16 July.

Moderated by top Reuters journalists, it boasts a stellar line-up of pre-approved members, guests, pundits and daily prizes so don’t delay, secure your place on our team today.

Our top 3 picks why you should join the Global Sports Forum

Here are our top XI reasons why you should lace-up your virtual boots and join us in the GSF:

  1. Be part of our elite squad: It is the only online editorial-led community hosted on Eikon Messenger for financial professionals to chat about sports.
  1. Exclusive coverage: Moderated by leading Reuters sports journalists, you’ll be able to access breaking sports news and exclusive ‘LiveChat’ interviews.
  2. Unique insight: As fever-pitch mounts, hear from our special guests and benefit from the unique opportunity to connect with trusted subject matter experts from the worlds of business and sport.
  3. Your chance to score daily: Put your football knowledge to the test by joining our daily quiz for a chance to win an international football jersey in your team colours.

Access all the action. The Road to Russia 2018

  1. Have your say: Fuel the debate by sharing your opinions on VAR, goals, transfers and more.
  2. Network and discover new business opportunities: Find, connect and collaborate with other pundits and discover new business opportunities.
  3. Pitchside reporting from Reuters news: Find out what’s happening with access to on-the-ground Reuters news coverage.
  4. Photo-journalistic backstage pass: See exclusive Reuters photography and stunning images capturing fan reactions and all the pivotal moments of live football action.
  1. Access more insight and get closer to the action: Eikon subscribers can type ’RUSSIA 2018’ into Eikon Search or App library to get a unique vantage point of all the latest World Cup developments in one place — curated real-time data, charts and analytics from tournaments past and present.

Don’t have Eikon? Sign up for a free trial.

  1. GSF everywhere: Download our free Eikon App on your mobile phone — available on Android and iOS — and sign in using your Eikon or Eikon Messenger credentials.
  2. It’s FREE — no subscription needed: Hosted on Eikon Messenger, access to the Global Sports Forum is free and exclusive to Eikon subscribers and Eikon Messenger standalone users.

Don’t have an account? Register for a free Eikon Messenger account.

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