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What next in the evolution of data management?

Tricia San Cristobal
Tricia San Cristobal
Global Proposition Manager, Enterprise Platform, Refinitiv

We’re dedicated to evolving our Enterprise Platform so that it remains the market-leading and most powerful enterprise platform for data management.

This has been our aim for 15 years.

In order to ensure we continue to evolve, we are constantly speaking to our clients one to one and in a variety of forums around the world to better understand their current and future concerns.

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We take what we learn and, where possible, use this to develop our Enterprise Platform and its supporting services, to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our clients.

Ultimately, it’s about building on, and strengthening, our partnerships with all of our customers. So here’s some of the key pieces of feedback we received, grouped into five distinct, but often interconnected, areas.

1. Stability

The stability of our Enterprise Platform is something you depend on. It’s hugely important, and continuing to make that our number one priority is essential to ongoing success for all.

2. Simplification and manageability

You’re looking for more simplification around features, along with a simpler and easier approach to managing the platform. We’re currently exploring ways to make the whole process of managing our Enterprise Platform easier and more efficient.

3. Automation

There was a strong desire for taking advantage of automation tools for things like testing, deployment, and upgrades.

4. Authentication

You asked for more information around the design of our recently released authentication feature and information around security for it. As well as addressing this specific area, we’ll also be improving communications around authentication features in general.

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5. Documentation & Communication

You requested more regular and more consistent communications about our Enterprise Platform, along with more information and insight into our Market Link Internet Protocol (MLIP) contribution plans, Data Access Control System (DACS) and web sockets.

Once again, we’ll be investing in providing you with timely, clear, and relevant communications.

In fact, we’ve already hosted the MLIP conference call to update clients on our plans and have begun hosting customer advisory forums to ensure we continue to engage with you to strengthen our partnership.

Read more about how our Enterprise Platform offers you the ability to publish your content and integrate all data to optimize distribution across your enterprise

One platform, shared aims

We’re currently exploring how we can bring more value to each of these areas, and we’ll be releasing more information soon.

Meanwhile, our work never stops in ensuring our Enterprise Platform continues to meet the needs of the industry’s most demanding clients, from improving performance and creating new tools for better infrastructure and data management to ensuring higher overall capacity and increasing scalability to save you time and money. Our aim; to ensure a return on your investment for your continued investment in our Enterprise Platform.

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