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Corporate Treasury Data Insights from August

Andrew Hollins
Andrew Hollins
Director of Corporate Treasury Proposition, Refinitiv

After a short break, Andrew Hollins is back with the latest insights for corporate treasurers – exploring this month how corporates are adapting strategies following the banking crisis.

  1. Following the collapse of SVB, corporates are increasingly looking to diversify their banking relationships for both FX Hedging and investing surplus cash.
  2. LSEG has introduced two new game-changing capabilities, including InTReaX, an advanced Treasury Management System (TMS), and the Corporate Treasury Risk app – designed to combat reliance on spreadsheet-based processes.
  3. China’s economic challenges’ global effects explored; a recent podcast on tracking the environmental footprint for financial institutions and news on the expansion of FXall’s algo offering.

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Chart of the month

Chart of Month

While bank credit risk is improving, the impact of the SVB failure has led companies to place greater scrutiny on the health of their banking partners.

The recent banking crisis highlighted the risks associated with having only a small number of banking partners. A banks failure can cause serious short-term liquidity issues, impacting vital expenditure such as payroll and supplier invoices. According to a recent survey by MillTechFX, 88% of corporates are now looking to diversify their FX counterparties.

We’re seeing a similar impact on investment portfolios, with corporates choosing to diversify and increase the number of banks holding their cash and short-term investments. Coupled with this is a desire to see increased capabilities in their TMS – improved cash management capabilities top the list of priorities.

  • LSEG has recently launched InTReaX, a sophisticated Treasury Management System (TMS), provided by our technology partner, IBSFINtech. Hosted in the cloud, InTReaX is an automated solution that empowers you to centralise your treasury activities, providing a consolidated view of your cash positions, liquidity management and risk exposure. 
  • You can also monitor foreign exchange exposure, analyse potential impacts, and implement hedging strategies – leveraging the built-in integration with FXall. Find out more here.

LSEG provides corporate treasurers with risk management and full data integrity valuations to combat ‘spreadsheet fatigue’.

LSEG has teamed up with Finmechanics to help corporate treasurers reduce their liquidity and market risks, as well as their reliance on bulky, inefficient, spreadsheet-based processes. Read the press release.

Watch: Introducing the Corporate Treasury Risk app

CORPT is the home of Corporate Treasury at LSEG. Open the CORPT app in Eikon or Workspace ->

What are the global implications of China’s economic challenges? | Our global macro analyst examines the current economic challenges that China faces and consequent implications not only for its growth, but for the global economy. Read on.

Exploring nature and biodiversity: tracking the environmental footprint for financial Institutions | On our last episode of the LSEG Sustainable Growth podcast we speak to John Willis, Director of Research, Planet Tracker. We get into all sorts, including the difference between nature and biodiversity, the importance it plays for financial institutions and how it is being tracked. Can companies be doing more to look at their nature footprint and not just their carbon footprint? Listen now.

Corporate Treasury Newsbeat

  • FXall expands algo offering to include NDFs | In an increasingly fragmented and complex FX market, there is a need for a tool that allows for greater flexibility in workflow execution, as well as internal and external liquidity. We have partnered with our liquidity providers to bring this additional functionality to our customers. Find out more.


How are corporates adapting their strategies following the banking crisis?

Following the collapse of SVB, corporates are increasingly looking to diversify their banking relationships for both FX Hedging and investing surplus cash.