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Connecting apps with Eikon Side by Side Integration API

Saori Fotenos
Saori Fotenos
Director, Eikon APIs

Connecting apps across a single desktop allows bond traders, wealth managers or professional investors to work efficiently between the different tools they use. These examples show the benefits of Eikon Side by Side  Integration API. 

  1. The Eikon Side by Side Integration API enables desktop apps to ‘talk’ to one another.
  2. The connected workflow speeds up execution, improves user experience, reduces the risk of errors and minimizes data entry points.
  3. The seamless workflow on a single desktop has proven benefits for bond traders, wealth managers or professional investors.

Every day, financial market professionals use an increasing number of applications essential to their job.

This can create a complex workflow that requires a time consuming repetition of tasks across apps to maintain consistency, and increases the risk of important information being missed.

The Eikon Side by Side Integration API enables desktop apps to ‘talk’ to one another, dynamically connecting and sharing context between proprietary/external applications and Eikon.

The API’s connected workflow will speed up execution, improve user experience, reduce the risk of errors and increase productivity by minimizing data entry points.

The power of talking to Eikon via this API is best explained through these examples of what it can do. Eikon customers and partners have been accessing the API to create new and exciting workflows, some of which are showcased here.

For further information on the Side by Side API, check out our dedicated section on the Developer Community Portal.

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Symphony and Eikon

As part of our award-winning partnership with Symphony, aimed to break down barriers to collaboration across the financial services industry, the integration between Eikon and Symphony’s messaging platform went live last year.

The integration leverages our Eikon Side by Side API and supports a wide range of workflow use cases, including connecting the buy-side with the sell-side.

This means that customers who have both Eikon and Symphony will benefit from streamlined workflows and be able to seamlessly share hundreds of Eikon Apps, including live data, charts and news, with their business counterparts on the Symphony network.

iQbonds and Eikon

As an electronic bonds trader, you will want to know about iQbonds.

Developed by Valantic, iQbonds is Valantic’s high-performance solution for the electronic trading of bonds, CDs, swaps, and many other asset classes.

The application unites the market-making and pricing of bonds with the connection to electronic markets and exchanges.

In addition to calculating prices and returns, iQbonds instruments can be used to quote, place, and trade orders on various electronic markets.

iQbonds on Eikon
Navigate in one click on your selected bond from iQbonds to Eikon Fixed Income Apps

iQbonds and Eikon now talk to one another via Side by Side. Thanks to this integration, traders will have the opportunity to make fast and efficient price decisions.

All relevant information on a selected bond in iQBonds can be displayed in one click in Eikon Apps: Users can access Bond Terms & Conditions (Bond Views App), available Prices (All Quote App), Bond Analytics (Bond Calculator), and News (Reuters News and IFR).

Having this broad information can only mean better decision making.

IRIS and Eikon

For institutional and professional investors, P-Strategic’s IRIS platform helps to define appropriate strategies, conduct thorough ex-ante analysis of the risks, and evaluate the performance achieved by means of complex calculations.

IRIS supports multiple user profiles (portfolio and wealth managers, financial advisors, investment, risk and compliance officers, and family officers) and makes it easy to use and customize the platform to improve the effectiveness of each user’s workflows.

The integration of our market data and news in IRIS analytics, portfolio, and client management services is the ideal solution to support institutional and professional investors in their investment processes.

When IRIS talks to Eikon, it delivers a fully integrated solution for market monitoring, financial instrument selection, portfolio valuation, investment proposals creation, reporting, risk and performance analysis, trading, and regulatory checks.

Portfolios can be efficiently managed and monitored, and customer relations are facilitated by the availability of personalized reports.

WealthArc and Eikon

Wealth managers need a solution that delivers accurate data at their fingertips. WealthArc automatically integrates data from various custodian banks and therefore streamlines operations.

Instead of manual ‘copy & paste’, it is possible to use WealthArc’s decision support system to save precious time and mitigate operational risk.

This eliminates manual documentation, unifies all steps of processes in the all-in-one SaaS platform and no longer uses multiple systems to keep track of investments.

Eikon Side By Side API: Connect Your Apps To Eikon

With WealthArc, it is possible to consolidate beyond financial investments and offer the client a holistic wealth overview on non-financial assets: art, real estate, family businesses or trusts.

When WealthArc and Eikon talk to one another, the interoperability offers a 360-degree view on the client’s wealth.

WealthArc covers the entire wealth management workflow from front to back-office, offering the best of portfolio management and CRM in one solution.

WealthArc and Eikon together enables the users to analyze all information in seconds and communicate what is most important to clients.

Access the future with Eikon

The Side by Side Integration API is just one of several ways we deliver open systems and solutions for the financial community.

App Studio — Eikon’s app development suite — enables clients and vendors to embed their applications, content and workflows into Eikon itself.

Together with App Studio and the Developer Community Portal, Side by Side enables users to extract even greater value from Eikon through a more seamless workflow on a single desktop.

Get best-of-breed applications not just from us, but from third party developers across the world with Eikon App Studio

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