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Eikon App Studio: Ultimate financial platform

Eikon App Studio opens up endless possibilities for financial professionals by allowing access to applications from third party providers all in one place.

Our large and global Eikon user community has widely ranging needs depending on job role, geography, asset focus and strategy.

This means that even with the thousands of product managers, content specialists and developers we employ, what sometimes serves our users best is access to specialist knowledge and innovative capacity of the rapidly growing fintech community outside of our organization.

Now a few years in, our experience collaborating with external app creators has been overwhelmingly positive.

The most important thing we’ve learned is that App Studio creates the most value where we can combine Eikon’s existing strengths with an innovative third-party solution to complete a particular workflow.

ESG collaboration

A perfect example is the collaboration between ourselves and TruValue Labs to launch the Insight360 SASB Edition ESG analytics app via Eikon App Studio.

We already provide structured and standardized ESG research data on 6,000+ global companies across 400 metrics.

Our team of analysts has years of experience in gathering, standardizing and verifying ESG data to ensure reliability and completeness.

The backward looking data is perfectly complemented by Insight360 SASB Edition’s app, which provides near real-time ESG metrics on 8,000+ companies worldwide collected and analyzed using AI from 75,000 sources.

Insight360 SASB Edition in Eikon App Library
Insight360 SASB Edition in Eikon App Library

As a result, an analyst or investment manager is able to research, construct and monitor in near real-time a portfolio based on ESG criteria — a capability that is quickly becoming a must for the buy-side.

Single platform benefits

As well as combining existing Eikon strengths with innovative third-party solutions, App Studio’s core value comes from the integration of all of these capabilities within a single platform.

This means you can:

  • Access multiple apps — native Eikon and third party — co-existing in a single workspace.
  • Navigate this combined workspace with ease thanks to apps having a similar look and feel.
  • Pass information — such as a security identifiers or portfolios — between multiple apps within a workspace to eliminate the need for multiple data entries.
  • Be free of managing multiple logins and passwords with single sign on across all apps within the workspace.
  • Access our data within third party apps.
Sample Eikon workspace combining and linking multiple native and third-party apps
Sample Eikon workspace combining and linking multiple native and third-party apps

Constantly evolving

To date, our users’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Integrating Eikon and third-party apps has allowed our users to streamline their workflows, reduce errors and better manage the tools they rely on to make critical decisions.

We will continue to onboard new partners as we look for ways to better meet the unique workflow needs of our users, and also continue our work with Eikon users looking to create their own unique apps within Eikon.

Find the App Studio easily within Eikon

Already an Eikon user? Explore App Studio and trial apps by visiting the App Studio section of the Eikon App Library. Don’t have Eikon? Request a free trial today