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How does machine learning benefit FX traders?

Bart Joris
Bart Joris
Head of FX Sell-Side Trading, Refinitiv

As FX trading firms seek to improve workflow efficiency and make better use of data they are increasingly turning to innovative and advanced technology solutions. How does Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable users to improve productivity and customer service?

  1. FX trading firms are continually looking for new technologies to allow them to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market with narrowing margins.
  2. The use of AI and machine learning is increasing as traders demand sophisticated tools to enable faster decision-making, combined with better and more efficient trading workflows.
  3. The content, quality and range of data are fundamental factors in the building of a machine-learning-based application.

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As the FX market continues to evolve, with costs increasing and recent periods of low volatility, the need for traders to work more productively is greater than ever. At the same time, clients expect better levels of service than ever before. As a result, traders are increasingly turning to solutions based on AI and machine learning.

Foundations of machine learning

While previous, first-generation AI applications have been generic, Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading has been built on a foundation of machine learning, allowing it to adapt to users’ specific roles and to learn their requirements.

The result is a more tailored service, where the more a trader uses Refinitiv Workspace, the application’s response will more closely align with that trader’s role and previous behaviour.

Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading provides users with instant access to regularly used core search and analysis tools with minimum input.

Refinitiv Workspace has not been designed to replace human traders but to make their workflows faster, easier, and more efficient.

The application enables FX traders to use their own trading experiences in a programmatic way, augment their workflows and allow them to focus on value and customer experience.

Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading: a unique and customised workflow solution

A catalyst for innovation

Accessible via an installed application or a web browser, Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading is an open, cloud-based solution that allows traders to combine their own data and analytics with those offered by Refinitiv. This aids in better and faster trading decisions, thereby reengineering an individual’s workflow for maximum efficiency.

With an integrated development environment for Python scripting, Refinitiv Workspace serves the next generation of users, many of whom are proficient in coding, allowing them to create bespoke analytics and workflows powered by modern APIs.

Built for innovation, Refinitiv Workspace is more than a desktop information tool. It delivers faster and performant technology with a clean and slick HTML5 user interface.

Unique value from unique content

The FX market is driven by many different global geopolitical and economic factors. Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading encompasses the breadth of Refinitiv’s extensive data, news and analysis, serving up the tools needed by traders to derive unique market insight.

Features include:

Market analytics such as Refinitiv’s Currency Performance tracker, FX Options Analytics and FX Heatmap, as well as SDRV, a window into global OTC trading activity.

News and commentary from 2,000+ Reuters journalists plus over 10,000 other sources from around the world. Real-time market commentary and trade recommendations from a global team of analysts via FXBuzz. Broker research from over 1,900 sources including currency and macroeconomic coverage.

Technical analysis and historical data covering 50 million instruments across 175 countries and providing the information and tools to interpret market trends, economic cycles and the impact of global events using advanced charting tools and technical analysis.

FX and MM analytics to price or value FX swaps, forwards, NDFs, implied deposits or FX options.

Primary market non-last-look liquidity from Refinitiv Matching and third-party providers for FX price discovery to allow users to better understand market impact.

Multi-asset risk and valuation services that provide tools for corporates and small FX trading desks to manage their FX and IR risk more efficiently.

Do more with less

Refinitiv Workspace for FX Trading empowers FX traders to do more with less, by applying AI and machine learning to technology, workflows, and data.

Using Refinitiv Workspace, traders and other FX market participants can link proprietary and third-party applications and data to future-proof their desktops, improve efficiency, and better serve their customers. 

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