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Measuring the success of sell-side research

When the cost and quality of research has never been under so much scrutiny, how is it possible for sell-side firms to objectively measure their performance?

With research and execution services now unbundled as part of MiFID II regulations, already cost-restrained buy-side firms are being required to purchase research and carefully justify expenditures.

This means that sell-side firms must find ways to monetize their research offerings, as well as demonstrate their value, rationalize pricing and manage the administrative challenges of distribution.

Measuring the effectiveness of their research is increasingly important as firms strive to highlight their team’s strengths and the competitive quality of research.

StarMine analytics

A sophisticated tool well recognized in the industry, StarMine analytics provides an unbiased sell-side analyst performance evaluation focusing on the profitability of buy/sell/hold recommendations and the accuracy of earnings estimates.

Starmine analytics: Readership Monitor
StarMine analytics: Readership Monitor

It uses a proprietary rating system to provide complete transparency, identifying strengths and weaknesses in an objective and standardized way.

This means it is possible to benchmark research against the competition and market success stories with validation from the industry’s leading, objective third-party source.

These analyst and broker rankings are widely covered by the world’s financial press.

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Unbiased evaluation

The StarMine Sell-Side Monitor Report-Only offering is a new and innovative service that provides access to five of StarMine’s most popular monthly reports in PDF and Excel formats.

StarMine: Sellside Analyst
Sellside Analyst

They can then be easily integrated into analyst performance scorecards and internal database systems.

The content is centered on the recommendation (stock picking analysis) and estimate (earnings accuracy, consensus comparison and mean trend) for benchmarking purposes, affording tremendous marketing opportunities.

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StarMine: Performance Monitor
StarMine: Performance Monitor

It also offers the unique ability to customize time periods to suit the interval evaluation window and the capability of peer group selection in order to see how analysts stack up against their competitors.