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Refinitiv and Pride Month 2020. What’s behind the rainbow?

David Craig
David Craig
Group Head of Data & Analytics for LSEG and CEO of Refinitiv

The month of June sees Pride Month 2020 take place across the globe. David Craig, CEO of Refinitiv, explains how the company is supporting this event and the LGBT+ community with a temporary new logo.

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Our company looks a little different today. For the first time since we became Refinitiv almost two years ago – and across all our websites and social media accounts – a temporary new logo has been created to recognize an important event during June.

The reason, of course, is Pride – a month-long celebration that affirms the dignity, equality and hard-won rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Refinitiv and Pride Month 2020

We are not the first company to switch our logo for Pride to support this great movement, but at Refinitiv, we don’t change our brand lightly. This change is a true expression of our values as a company: a declaration of what we stand for and the way we back it up – whether that’s installing gender-neutral bathrooms, even in countries where being transgender is taboo or illegal; offering parental leave policies that support LGBT+ parents; or giving LGBT+ colleagues the chance to escape prejudice and find a safe space through employee networks. We should all be able to express who we are and unapologetically be our true selves when we come to work.

Pride is a month for all of us to recognize our diversity, whether you are LGBT+ or straight. Anyone who believes in these unalienable rights is an ally of the movement. In that spirit, here are five things everyone can do to create a more inclusive world:

  1. Join your local Pride network as a member or an ally.
  2. Don’t make assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation – until you know someone’s personal circumstances, use gender neutral language of ‘partner’ and avoid words like wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend.
  3. Call out any micro-inequalities – these could be overt things like use of offensive language or less overt – like use of jokes or banter that reinforce stereotypes.
  4. Engage with curiosity and don’t assume that your experience is representative of the experience of others.  Become a learn-it-all, ask to learn more.
  5. Actively support and attend Pride events and share your learning or takeaways with your colleagues, teams and customers.

Even if we can’t celebrate together this year, we will still be uniting under the rainbow banner, and working together to create a more tolerant, open and inclusive world.

Powered by our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, our Diversity and Inclusion Index is designed to measure the relative performance of companies against factors that define diverse and inclusive workplaces.

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Why are companies changing their logo colors to rainbows?

The reason, of course, is Pride – a month-long celebration that affirms the dignity, equality and hard-won rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.