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Simplifying spread trading

Anuprem Patro
Anuprem Patro
Product Manager, Execution Product, Refinitiv

The tools used to trade arbitrage and relative value strategies have evolved significantly alongside the proliferation of electronic trading. How does Refinitiv’s robust product suite help identify and capture market opportunities?

  1. Spread (pairs) trading requires a comprehensive end-to-end trading solution, beginning with pre-trade idea generation.
  2. Traders need to be aware of rapidly changing market events that could affect their spreads.
  3. Refinitiv’s product suite offers a powerful equities and futures spread trading application augmented by pre- and intra-trade tools to identify market opportunities.

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Workflow for a risk arbitrage spread trade

In this example, we’ll review the workflow for a risk arbitrage spread trade:

Allstate Corporation (ALL) acquires National General Holdings (NGHC) for an offer of $34.50 per-share

Here, let’s review a typical workflow using Refinitiv Eikon and Refinitiv REDI EMS:

Typical workflow using Refinitiv Eikon and Refinitiv REDI EMS

The five steps of the process of pre-trade idea generation till trade closure

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Refinitiv REDI EMS helps you manage your trades via a single platform that works in combination with our full suite of trading products

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