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How is financial video influencing behavior?

Damian Horner
Damian Horner
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Real Vision

The ‘show rather than tell’ power of financial video provides investors and traders with a much more engaging narrative on markets. How is Refinitiv real-time data being used in conjunction with Real Vision to deliver unique insight and analysis?

  1. Financial video delivers a much more emotive and engaging narrative, and with this comes the power to change perceptions and influence behaviour.
  2. The power of financial video is becoming integral to the way wealth managers communicate, engage with and provide value to their clients.
  3. Real Vision uses Refinitiv data in two weekly shows about the markets, combining the story-telling power of financial video with real-time market data.

Finance companies are suddenly waking up to the fact that video is becoming the world’s primary communication medium. This is a tough pill to swallow for an industry that’s been built on the back of 80-page reports painstakingly written by analysts.

Research by Cisco shows that companies using video content enjoy a staggering 41 percent more web traffic and 64 percent of these users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.Graphic showing the popularity of video in digital marketing. How is financial video influencing behavior?

Video is an integral part of the wider shift towards digitalization that has impacted all walks of life. What makes it tricky, however, isn’t the technology — it’s the fact that working with video demands an entirely different approach to messaging.

It’s simply not enough for an analyst to sit in front of a camera and explain what has been written in their latest report. That isn’t a video — it’s just a document that happens to be delivered via video.

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How financial video changes perceptions

For a video to work you have to play to the strengths of the medium. The most important is that video can often deliver a much more emotive and engaging narrative than text.

This is the game-changer.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t realized the significance of this at first because I’d always believed that finance was a very rational business — driven by the objective facts and figures presented in charts and graphs.

How wrong I was. I’ve learnt that finance is almost never about the numbers — what people invest in, is a vision of the future. In other words, they buy into a narrative.

Take Tesla. The numbers are the same — but half the world think it is the future and the other half think it is a sham. The point here is that investors are engaging with the story around Tesla rather than just the numbers themselves.

Once you recognize the power of a story and the emotional engagement that comes with it, you start to realize the power that video has to change perceptions and influence behavior.

Just as important is how the deeper engagement that comes with video can inspire ideas and confidence in investors. This is particularly important within the worlds of trading and wealth management.

Damian Horner quote about the power of video story-telling. How is financial video influencing behavior?

Expanding investor horizons

Many investors operate within their own filter bubbles (not helped by the way algorithms constantly close down the chances of serendipity and discovery).

That means it is harder than ever to learn of new investment opportunities, market insights and market movers outside of our normal experience.

Video on the other hand, is a wonderful way of bringing to life and illuminating all sorts of ideas that we may not have the inclination to read about in an analyst’s 80-page report.

Indeed, the power of video to ‘show rather than tell’ is a wonderful way of expanding investors’ horizons and inspiring them to dig deeper into opportunities that they simply haven’t thought of before.

That might involve taking you to Canada to see the cannabis industry at first hand, being on the ground in India to understand how mobile phone technology is changing the country, or watching the world’s foremost expert in AI talk about the new advances in that area.

It may also involve looking at an animated chart that uses highlights to draw your attention to what is most important. All of these are ways in which video can bring layers of additional understanding, insight and inspiration to investors.

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Helping wealth managers communicate

It is for these reasons that video is becoming integral to the way wealth managers communicate, engage with and provide value to their clients. This is opening up an array of interesting digital platforms and content partnerships for investors to follow.

Real Vision is probably the only company in the world that fuses the worlds of video and finance at the highest level to provide unparalleled insights and analysis from the most well-known and respected names in finance, such as Kyle Bass, Mark Cuban, and Jim Grant, to name a few.

By releasing daily videos including interviews, documentaries, research, analysis and investment ideas, finding the right story and content for your audience is easy.

This breadth of content — supported by the ever-evolving digital landscape — is driving the push toward personalization, with the ability to show the right content, at the right time and in the right place for investors and clients.

The graphic below illustrates just how engaged people are with video content that is curated and relevant to them, by showing on average how much of a video users watch across different platforms.

Average video engagement across platforms and content. How is financial video influencing behavior?
* Figures correct at time of publication

The insights and learnings that come from the development of this content, combined with the analysis of the accompanying audience and viewing metrics, are what enable Real Vision Creative Studios to produce content that is unparalleled within the industry.

Real Vision and Refinitiv market data

It is this unique ability that led to Real Vision’s partnership with Refinitiv.

Real Vision now uses Refinitiv data in the development and production of two weekly shows about the markets, which combine the story-telling power of video with unmatched real time market data to generate unique insights and analysis for traders and investors at all levels.

The Big Conversation analyzes the most important macro themes and their potential impacts for investors. Before & After examines the opportunities around each week’s big earnings announcements and then reviews their subsequent impact on the market.

Reuters Insider enables the easy integration of video content into the news and research workflows of financial professionals and individual investors