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A compliance and risk summit with innovation at its heart

Our recent Compliance and Risk Summit in New York explored three innovative approaches to being “risk confident”, including the pivotal role of collaboration in fighting financial crime.

  1. The Compliance and Risk Summit in New York featured sessions on financial crime, fintech and RegTech, and how to be risk intelligent
  2. Joe Pistone, the long-time Special Agent for the FBI, shared his ‘Donnie Brasco’ experiences investigating the financing of organized crime.
  3. The next North American Financial and Risk Summit will take place in Toronto in September.

Our New York Compliance and Risk Summit attracted some 500 thought leaders and practitioners for a day-long series of keynote speeches and interactive panel discussions.

Sessions ranged from the future of artificial Intelligence and super intelligence, through to KYC and AML in the digital age. There was also an engrossing session featuring Joe Pistone, who shared his experiences investigating the financing of organized crime.

With the aim of helping financial institutions to become more risk confident, the summit was based around three core themes:

  • Be Risk Intelligent: Understanding the increasing sophistication of financial crime.
  • Be Risk Agile: The ability to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage.
  • Be Risk Ready: Managing the challenges of changing regulations.

In addition, the summit also served as a hosting venue for our recently named ‘Top 50 U.S. social influencers in compliance, risk and RegTech.’

Juan Llanos (#46) and Shira Rubinoff (#8) were among the social influencers who were able to join and experience the summit live.

Smarter humans, smarter machines

The summit opened with Dr. Ayesha Khanna, co-founder and CEO at ADDO AI, who gave attendees a glimpse into the future of how artificial intelligence and super intelligence will revolutionize both our daily and professional lives.

The opening general session then focused on collaboration and the use of an open platform, which we see becoming a priority for financial institutions that want to accelerate innovation and embrace big data and cloud technologies.

In this session, attendees learned how partnerships are driving innovation to simplify regulatory compliance, improve the fight against financial crime and deliver a better customer experience.

The summit’s morning and afternoon breakout sessions looked at three ways to approach risk — Be Risk Intelligent, Be Risk Ready and Be Risk Agile.

  • Be risk intelligent

The first ‘Risk Intelligent’ session looked at the future of financial Information sharing and asked if collaboration is the answer in fighting financial crime to be more risk intelligent.

The next session focused on disruptive data and how data, technology and automation are transforming the modern due diligence program.

  • Be risk agile

The morning ‘Risk Agile’ session explored fintech’s impact on the regulatory landscape while the afternoon session featured KYC and AML in the digital age — including how the digital revolution is transforming business. 

  • Be risk ready

The early ‘Risk Ready’ session looked at adopting an integrated risk management approach, with insights into how professionals use data, intelligence and technology to better understand risk, be better at predicting or detecting changes, and become more confident in managing risk.

The later session highlighted how ‘regulator ready’ companies need to be, as effective compliance programs today require the right control environment and also stand up to scrutiny by auditors, boards, chief executives and regulators.

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Meeting Donnie Brasco

The concluding session featured Joe Pistone, a longtime Special Agent for the FBI, who wrote several books based on his undercover experience investigating organized crime, including the bestseller, Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia.

Mr. Pistone shared his experiences investigating the financing of organized crime, and the roles played by banks and corporations, big and small.

In addition, Mr. Pistone highlighted where professionals and firms fit into the picture and the steps each can take to deter, detect, disrupt, and defeat money laundering and #FightFinancialCrime.

Missed the New York compliance and risk summit?

Follow @RiskManagement for information about the upcoming Toronto Financial and Risk Summit in September.

We hope to see you there!