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Awards success for our Connected Risk platform

It has been a successful year for Connected Risk, marked by a series of award wins we're honored to have received. Discover how our platform is meeting technology challenges across the governance, risk and compliance landscape.

  1. Connected Risk, our governance, risk and compliance software platform, received a number of awards in 2018, most recently winning Best Use of Technology in Risk Management.
  2. Our award-winning platform connects internal and external information from disparate sources to help inform strategic decision-making with a holistic view of risk.
  3. The Connected Risk platform provides a complete suite of solutions, covering Risk, Compliance, Audit, Regulatory Change, and Model Risk.

The financial services industry continued to see an increase in the volume and complexity of regulation during 2018, with more fines also being issued for non-compliance.

Throughout this period, technology has remained a critical component in helping firms better navigate the evolving business landscape. That was demonstrated in 2018 by the success of Connected Risk, our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software platform.

Connected risk platform

With Connected Risk’s cutting-edge solutions bringing innovation to risk management, the platform has been recognized at a number of prestigious industry award events this year.

Most recently, Connected Risk won the Best Use of Technology in Risk Management category at the annual CIR Magazine Risk Management Awards in London

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Risk management technology

The key to this success has been in challenging outdated working practices and technologies.

Many organizations traditionally operate multiple risk processes on a range of differing technologies. This often results in different sets of risk outputs, and makes it difficult to consolidate, monitor and understand all the potential risks that exist at any one time.

Our Connected Risk platform offers a complete suite of solutions to cover the spectrum of risk management — Risk, Compliance, Audit, Regulatory Change, and Model Risk — helping to visualize and prioritize risks from all areas of the business.

CIR awards

The full list of winners from the CIR Magazine Risk Management Awards 2018

Other 2018 award wins

The depth and breadth of our experience in empowering customers to understand and embrace risk with confidence spans decades. That’s why we are proud to see that Connected Risk has been awarded the following accolades throughout this year:

Global Investor Group, Investment Excellence Awards — Risk Management System of the Year 2018.

The Global Investor Group panel specifically highlighted the capability of Connected Risk to integrate with a client’s legacy solutions, the continued and targeted investment in product development, and the holistic view of internal and external data that it provides.

RegTech Awards, A-Team GroupBest Solution for Managing Operational Risk in 2018.

The RegTech Awards judging panel praised Connected Risk’s highly configurable and flexible nature, which allows clients to develop their own solutions to meet specific-use case needs, whilst leveraging existing legacy technologies.

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Technology for the here and now

Large, heavily regulated organizations are left exposed if they continue to use old risk technologies.

While these solutions are effective in addressing isolated risk activities, they can’t always easily aggregate an enterprise-wide view of risk.

Connected risk

Risk professionals may face the unfavorable choice of either bridging the gaps with slow, manual and costly procedures, or accepting that some risk exposures may be overlooked.

Connected Risk aggregates, visualizes, and prioritizes risks from all areas of the business. By drawing your information, plus that from third-parties, into a single view of risk you can rank data using advanced mapping, and quickly move through your data with a system of tags, structures, charts, and a shared taxonomy.

The end result is an enterprise-wide view of risk, where information is available on a customizable dashboard to meet your business needs.

Our next generation software platform helps customers manage the inherent complexity of risk by connecting:

  • Processes to improve visibility, alignment and efficiency
  • Information to enable informed decision-making
  • Ecosystems to improve focus, coverage and analysis

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