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Welcome to the Refinitiv supplier portal

The transition effort to separate from Thomson Reuters Accounting Systems (ARIBA / SAP) to Refinitiv own systems is completed. Some residual work remains to complete the recreation of a small portion of Purchase Orders (POs), but we are live on our own ARIBA system.

Here is how this completed transition will impact our suppliers:

  • Invoices submitted via ARIBA in e-invoicing-enabled countries against the new Refinitiv 4900XXXX and 8000XXX series POs are now accepted.
  • Invoices submitted into ARIBA for e-invoicing-enabled countries against the 7000XXX series POs after 30 June 2020 will be rejected since they were posted against the old legacy Thomson Reuters ARIBA and Refinitiv is no longer able to process them. There are a few exceptions regarding 7000XXXX series POs for non-E-Invoicing countries. Please see Latest Updates #5 for specific details.
  • Non-e-invoicing countries process remains unchanged, and invoices can continue to be sent to Document Receiving Centers as previously done in the past.
  • Supplier Onboarding process has resumed and any requests that were incomplete prior to the cutover can be started over in the new Refinitiv ARIBA.
  • Open POs with an unconsumed balance (Legacy POs) have been (and still continue for a small batch) reissued from the Refinitiv ARIBA. They will have a new PO number. Valid New POs will contain either 4900XXXX or 8000XXXX series numbers. Legacy POs continue to be closed out in order to prevent PO duplication.

We will publish regular progress updates in the Latest Announcements section below. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Help Desk. For those suppliers who actively work with Sourcing and Vendor Management, please continue to use that avenue should you have concerns.

Thanks for your support and understanding.