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June 06, 2020 | Notice

Upcoming changes for Refinitiv suppliers

Dear Refinitiv Supplier,

Refinitiv continues to make progress as we transition our business systems from Thomson Reuters (TR) to our own instances. These changes will now start to impact your company and how you transact with us.

Based on our current planning, we anticipate an accounting system freeze for up to two weeks in July 2020 (final dates will be announced on our Supplier Portal and in any follow-up communications). During this time, we will transition any outstanding balances on open purchase orders (PO) and close out open transactions (that are due) in the TR system. This will then enable us to transact with you directly from our new systems going forward.

Over the next month, we recommend that you upload any outstanding invoices and close out any open transactions. Any transaction that are due from July forward with be raised directly in the new system.


  1. Refinitiv POs that have not been invoiced and not financially approved for payment will be cancelled in the TR system and a replacement PO issued from the Refinitiv system
  2. Refinitiv POs that have been fully invoiced (and are due for payment), will be financially approved, paid from the TR system and closed.
  3. Partially invoiced POs will be closed in the TR system. You will receive a change notice from Ariba removing any unconsumed portions of the Legacy PO, and then the PO will be closed in the TR system. A replacement PO for the unconsumed portion (matching the adjustment) will be issued to you from the Refinitiv system and it will contain a cross reference message mentioning which legacy PO it is replacing.
  4. Any new Replacement PO will show a cross reference number to the old PO that was issued from the TR system in the comments section of the new PO. You may use this cross-reference information to update your records should it be necessary.

In addition, shortly you will receive an invitation from us requesting that you complete a new Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ). For any existing TR users, if you have an existing profile on record with us, it will automatically transfer to the new instance and you will be required to update your details with your existing Ariba account.

We thank you in advance for your support and patience with us as we move forward with this transition. Please look out for follow-up email on this topic or visit the Supplier Portal for the latest updates. 

Questions?  Please open a ticket in the Supplier Portal noting that your question is related to the Purchase Order Cutover so it can be routed to the correct team who are knowledgeable about the process.